Tom Mboya Street , Popman House

Tom Mboya Street , Popman House

  • Features & Benefits Customizable watch faces Exercise support: Sport modes for recording the length and distance of your daily run or exercise. 
  • Track calories burned and more Stay active: Get moving with a custom time interval sedentary reminder Sleep well: Track and record time spent sleeping to ensure healthy habits and a good nights' rest Monitor your health: Measure and display heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, and more Stay connected, or stay focused: Get push notifications from social apps, weather and news, and incoming calls
  • or turn on do not disturb for uninterrupted focus Connect to your 
  • phone: Use your watch to find your phone, take photos through your phone's camera, listen to and control music apps via Bluetooth, and more. Connect easily via smartphone app Plus, stopwatch and alarm settings
Brand Vikusha
Reference VIKUSH-V50-A
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